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20 Facts About Me

Exactly a month ago I posted something about a new journey of my life. Here is my update as well as trying to be more active in the blog, again. I want to share my 20 facts about me to celebrate my first being twenty-something. Check it out.

  1. Today is my birthday.
  2. Finally, I'm twenty.
  3. I am a dreamer.
  4. I live in Indonesia
  5. I like to write anything, anywhere, anytime. Randomly.
  6. Coffee or tea. I choose both because I enjoy them.
  7. I am a first daughter in my family.
  8. And I have a little brother and we have 5 years apart.
  9. I am an introvert.  
  10. I'm a shy person but quite talkative when I feel comfortable with some people.
  11. I love badminton, since the first time my dad introduced it to me.
  12. I'm currently studying Communications - Public Relations major. 
  13. My major is my first interest major since high school.
  14. Always wearing a watch on my left arm.
  15. My hobbies are dreaming, journaling, fangirling, watching movies, and writing. 
  16. Always bring my small notes in my bag.
  17. I'm sensitive but sometimes pretend to be senseless more (and I don't know why).
  18. I like cheese more than chocolate.
  19. My first dream job during my childhood is a reporter. 
  20. I never had a relationship before.

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