Life Update #05

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Back in 2010, the first post that I re-released was about how I just started my high school life. Later on, I talked about how I spent my teen with my fellow best friends. 5 years have passed, I still love to write on the blog. My desire never stops but somehow my ego to be a perfectionist is hitting me.

Long story, for the past 6 months that I haven't posted anything because I start comparing my blog with others blog that I think they are doing much better and cooler than me. I reflect that just share my own story is never been enough except you share that people looking for. Reflect on this thought, I am thinking should I keep going with this blog or not? I find the answer as long as I write this post.

I decide to stay in this blog, without deleting my blog post in the past cause I want to keep it as memories of my teen life (never gonna regret what happened in the past, I wish). Here the things I want to share as long as I start a fresh journey this year with an introduction.

Writing a blog post in English means a big decision for me because I'm not confident enough with my skill so I decided to write in English as a challenge my self, as well as to develop my skill. So, pardon my English. Maybe in the future, I still write in Bahasa since it's my first language and share some things.

It's weird to declare my self as an introvert actually. Rather say since I reflect on my past, I was kind of a person who loves to talk with people so much (that's why I decided to major in the communication). Some things happen during my college life which how I don't know to start being anxious around people.

I will be twenty years old, next month. Omg, time surely flies so fast. Just like my new beginning in the twenties this year. I want to write about fun and struggle to be the twenties at the same time, college life, as well as about adulting maybe? I still can't decide which topic I talked about, surely I will write and post anything after this post.

As you know maybe I ever told in here that I've been into on kpop things and stuff. Until now, I'm still the same. So in the future, maybe gonna update some tips and tricks or maybe just find some interesting facts because I start to learn their culture intensively.

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