20 Facts About Me

image credit: Photo by Martin Reisch on Unsplash

Exactly a month ago I posted something about a new journey of my life. Here is my update as well as trying to be more active in the blog, again. I want to share my 20 facts about me to celebrate my first being twenty-something. Check it out.

1. Today is my birthday
2. Finally, I'm twenty.
3. I am a dreamer.
4. I live in Indonesia.
5. I like to write anything, anywhere, anytime. Randomly.
6. Coffee or Tea. I choose both because I enjoy them
7. I am the first daughter in my family.
8. I have a little brother and we have 5 years apart.
9. I am an Introvert.
10. I'm a shy person but quite talkative when I feel comfortable with some people.
11. I love badminton, since the first time my dad introduced it to me.
12. I'm currently studying Communications - Public Relations major.
13. My major is my first interest major since high school.
14. Always wearing a watch on my left arm.
15. My hobbies are dreaming, journaling, fangirling, watching movies, and writing.
16. Always bring a small note in my bag.
17. I'm sensitive but sometimes pretend to be senseless more (and I don't know why).
18. I like cheese more than chocolate.
19. My first dream job during my childhood becomes a reporter.
20. I never had a relationship before. 

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