How to Manage Your Finance as College Student

As a college student, finance is becoming the new thing that we talk about, especially when you just starting live by your self. For me, it's quite challenging since I have a lot more freedom and money always one of a part to do those things. But I think later on since my financial always deficit at the end of the month. Here I want to share my tips that exactly change my finance habit.


As well as managing my finance, you can set your goals for why you need to manage your finance. For example, you want to exercise yourself in finance or you want some holiday overseas. You can write it down in your book as a reminder for your self how you set your goals in the first place.


Next, you should calculate your monthly cost of living. The first priority to write your needs, and save for your wants later. Write down your rent cost, food, transportation, etc. So you know where your money goes and plan it how much you must spend it.


Start saving. Do it in the first place when you get the allowance or on your payday. Don't think how you will save at the end of the month cause you already did it. Prioritize save your money first is better than pay for your wants at the moment.


You can write it down on the book to track your monthly bills, so you know where your money comes and go. Make sure to write all of it, I write all of my bills including when I go to a mini market and buy a water mineral or just pay to park.


During my first year in college, I had to spend a lot of money because I should buy some orientation things, pay set up costs to join a committee or just hanging out with my new friends almost every day and it made me broke. Those time really made me think twice where is my money at the end of the month. I want to buy the latest album by my favorite singer and yeah it made me think again should I buy it or not because it just what I want. 

So, I filter all kinds of I want or I need it. Start with a write down my goals and prioritize my needs like how much should I spend on food and transportation cause I need it every day. I was looking for some inspiration and motivation to dit right. After some trial and error, it works and I can watch my dream concert last year and decide to watch again in November.

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